This service is a formal professional plan that calculates necessary financial information and /or college selection information for your son or daughter.

Did you know the average graduate today takes 6 years to earn a 4 year degree, but some schools do better on this than others? Often more aid is available to you for private school tuition than for the state university? There are many more surprises than can save thousands of dollars in your out-of-pocket cost! The plan considers these important factors-

· Scholarship award programs.

· Maximize your aid eligibility.

· Understanding “Expected Family Contribution”.

· Cost of Attendance.


· Comparing Public Vs. Private.

This College Plan is our keystone product and is by far our most popular service. Some families have stated this service should be mandatory for all parents with a college-bound child.

College Planning Relief

About Us

College Planning was founded on the belief that every family has the ability to plan for college and retirement.

EMS College Planning will provide parents, through webcast or in person, a free 50-55 minute presentation on how parents and students are currently approaching the college process. We suggest some strategies that can make the process more meaningful and less costly. There is nothing sold at this presentation. Also, we will give you a 1 hour free consultation to determine your approximate EFC. At this point, you can decide if you would like us to proceed further and go into more detail on how to accomplish your goals. This will require analyzing your financial information in detail to see what can be done. Having your assets not counted toward your EFC means your out-of-pocket cost is lower and the potential to receive more financial aid.




Scholarship Matching

Looking for scholarships?  Join our Scholarship Matching Services and let us provide you with 'matches' to your personal  needs!  Complete our Scholarship Matching Questionnaire here.

Valuable resources including financial aid reference guides, student and parent loan information, college planning calendar, scholarship information, reference websites and important strategies. Learn more

There is a critical need to provide families with financially sound ways to meet short and long term goals pertaining to college funding. We help parents develop individual plans to pay for college without sacrificing their own retirement.

EMS College Planning
Providing you with different options to finance college


A free personal consultation to help determine a family's approximate EFC, and other strategies to make the process more meaningful and less costly.Contact Us

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